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The association created in 2019 is non-profit. It is a collective of enthusiasts who are looking into the exceptional career of a character in the shadows and have decided to offer him, posthumously, his hour of glory. The discreet trace left by this master jeweler also allows us to understand the history and the place of jewelry in Geneva from the Reformation until today.

Charles Zuber, a jewellery genius from Geneva who made the most technical projects possible at a time when graph paper was the only medium for developing precision jewellery mechanisms. He mastered artistic and technical design and all the most demanding jewellery-making skills. Respected by his peers, he trained a whole generation of jewellers in Geneva, the cradle of jewellery watchmaking from the beginning.

The association

The purpose of the Association is to promote, preserve and transmit the jewellery knowledge of Geneva on a national and international level.

Charles Zuber was one of the last geniuses in his field

The association has identified and scanned approximately 3000 original drawings from the master jeweler’s workshop.